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Denver Broncos Dallas Cowboys

Denver Broncos vs Dallas Cowboys

Live Game Update:
Matt Prater made a 28-yard field goal on the final play of the game as Denver won a wild shootout with Dallas, 51-48, Sunday afternoon at AT&T Stadium.
Peyton Manning completed 33 of 42 passes for 414 yards and four touchdowns.
Tony Romo completed 25 of 36 for a club-record 506 yards and five touchdowns.
Despite the offensive show, the game was decided on a late turnover when Romo was intercepted by Danny Trevathan at the Cowboys’ 24 with less than 3 minutes remaining in the game. The pass was intended for rookie Gavin Escobar on a seam route.
“Tony felt like he could get the ball in there. That was the difference-maker play,” Dallas Coach Jason Garrett said.
Denver moved the ball to the 1 then milked the clock to 2 seconds after the Cowboys had used all of their timeouts.

Peyton Manning runs the ball for their 4th touchdown. The score 28 to Dallas 20 in Halftime. In 16 minutes the Broncos put up 28 points. Dallas scores a field goal at the 48 yard line.

With 3 minutes left in the 2nd quarter Denver has possession of the ball at the 34 yard line after a 58 yard punt. The Broncos scored 3 touchdowns in 12 minutes of the game. The score is currently 21 and 17.  The Broncos got 3 sacks setting Dallas back seven yards. It was 14th nothing Cowboys with 2 and a half left in the first quarter and now Broncos are trying to command the lead. Decker just scored the Broncos second touchdown of the game. The score is currently Denver 13 and Dallas 17. It’s the second quarter with 9 minutes left. The Broncos recover the ball after a turnover. Romo passed it to Bryant who caught and fumbled the ball. It was then recovered by Webster on the Broncos. The Broncos get an automatic first down at the 8 yard line after Selvie of Dallas gets flagged for grabbing Manning’s face mask. Julius Thomas scores a touchdown bringing the score to 20 and 17.  The Broncos get the field goal kick.

Cowboys have run 27 plays and Peyton 10 so far.  Broncos currently have possession.  Moreno has a fumble but recovers it. Denver was given an automatic first down after Dallas number 15 was flagged for holding. Peyton throws it to Hillman who runs it to the 21 yard line. In the next play Hillman runs it all the way to the 2nd yard line at first and goal. Decker catches the touchdown pass.
The Dallas Cowboys have the first possession of the game. Number 11 Beasely has a first down which freed him up for 10 and a 1st. In the third play Romo passes it to Murray who runs it to the third and goal. In the fourth play it’s 1st and goal for Dallas. A fake to Murray and Dez Bryant scores the first touchdown. The play was made to five different receivers from Romo and finally to Bryant who scored the first touchdown of the game. 6 minutes and 44 seconds the longest drive Broncos allowed any other team this season. Now it’s time for Peyton Manning to step in.

In the first play Manning passes it to Thomas who runs it 31 yards but a flag was thrown on Vasquez for holding which puts them back at the ten yard line for their second play. Peyton throws to Welker when he is tackled and the pass is incomplete. Peyton are at the second and 20. Number 27 Merano catches Manning’s pass and runs it to the 27th yard line.  Now it’s a 3rd and fourth. Demarcus Murray scores the second touchdown.

Decker turns it around and runs gets the team to first and goal and Thomas …

Tony Romo Dallas CowboysThe Denver Broncos and Dallas Cowboys game starts Sunday night at 4:25pm Eastern October 6th on CBS. Denver will be in blue (all blue) and the Cowboys will be in white. CBS’s No. 1 crew of Jim Nantz (play-by- play) and Phil Simms (color commentary) will be calling the game. Both teams are currently the best in their division but comparably Dallas is part of the worst division in the league right now. In the NFC East Dallas is up by 1 game, winning 2 this season and the Redskins trail them winning their first game against the Oakland Raiders. Denver Broncos have made history this season.

Peyton Manning Denver BroncosThe Cowboys who are currently 2-2 have a set of hurdles they must face before facing the Broncos. The Cowboys defensive line is filled with injuries. Anthony Spencer went on the IR, took two more hits this week. DeMarcus Ware, who has been hurting the last two weeks will possibly be limited in the game with his ailing back. The Cowboys second best pass rusher, George Selvie, has not practiced at all this week thanks to a concussion suffered against the San Diego Chargers. Linebackers Justin Durant and Edgar Jones are both suffering from groin injuries. The Denver Broncos come in healthier, with no players completely missing practice on Thursday.

But the Cowboys have a slight edge of the Broncos in certain areas it won’t be a complete lost. Jason Witten will be a tough matchup for the Broncos Sunday. It will take a collective effort from the Broncos defense to slow down Witten.

Some Cowboys reportedly do not fear Manning, and the Broncos offense. Defensive Tackle Jason Hatcher had this to say about Manning…

“Don’t think for one minute we’re scared,” Hatcher told reporters. “We ain’t scared of nobody. I don’t really care who it is. They’re going to make plays. Any team can make plays against you. We just have to play 60 minutes of football, very sound football against a great quarterback. We have respect for him, but at the end of the day, they got to have respect for us as well. We’re not a pushover team at all. We’re definitely ready to play.”

Peyton Manning Denver BroncosThe highly anticipated game after Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning made history this season they face a small hurdle to get to 5-0. The Denver Broncos are currently 4-0 after a sensational victory against the Philadelphia Eagles. Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning throws for over 300 yards and four touchdowns to help his team put up a franchise-record 52 points in a 52-20 win over the Philadelphia Eagles. The Denver Broncos scored more points than they ever had in their 54-year history on Sunday, blowing out the Eagles behind Manning’s four touchdown throws and two special teams scores. Just another day in the life of Manning, whose 16 TD passes are the most in the first month of a season, besting the previous mark of 14 set by Don Meredith in 1966 and tied by Kurt Warner in 1999.

Denver Broncos Philadelphia EaglesManning also joined Milt Plum in 1960 as the only quarterbacks to throw that many touchdown passes without an interception.

Manning’s first pass of the game was to Wes Welker for 33 yards. In the second play Welker also caught the second pass going 6 yards into the field goal. With Eagles at 0 and the Broncos at 7 it was there turn to turn the game around but after faulty passes the Eagles settled for the field goal kick to get three. Yeah and it didn’t go any better after that.

In the epic season opener against the Baltimore Ravens the Super Bowl defending champs the Broncos crushed them. The game got off to a very tardy and uncertain start being delayed by thunder and rain. Once the game got on Manning delivered real lightning. Manning is the sixth quarterback in NFL history to throw seven TD passes in a game and the first since Joe Kapp for Minnesota against Baltimore on Sept. 28, 1969.

Peyton Manning shirtless37 year old Peyton Manning has had a long career in the NFL spanning over 16 years. Despite his age he is still considered one of the best in the league and according to his net worth and contract figures Denver believes it as well. In 2012 he signed a 5 year contract worth $96 million. Upon signing he was given a $10 million cash advance. An average salary of $19.2 million per year.

Peyton Williams Manning was born in New Orleans Louisiana. From an early age he displayed great athleticism and sportsmanship being on his high school varsity team and continuing to develop his skills in college. He attended the University of Tennessee becoming  Tennessee’s all-time leading passer with 11,201 yards and 89 touchdowns. Manning also lead the team to record breaking wins winning 39 of 45 games as a starter, breaking the Southeastern Conference (SEC) record for career wins. In 1998 he was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts where he spent 14 years of his NFL career.  In his rookie season, he passed for 3,739 yards with 26 touchdowns, set five different NFL rookie records, including most touchdown passes in a season, and was named to the NFL All-Rookie First Team.

Dallas Cowboys

Tony Romo Peyton ManningSo should Dallas be a little worried? Let’s recap their most recent game against the San Diego Chargers. Oh wait didn’t they lose? Yes and despite losing two out of four games Dallas is still the best in their division in the NFC. NY Giants are 0-4, Eagles, well they just got their butts kicked and are at 1-3, Redskins won their first game after losing 3 straight, so that division is nothing but a hot mess. So does anyone think it’s possible for Dallas to beat Romo October 6th?

Dallas CowboysOne of the most controversial athletes in the NFL Tony Romo. He is constantly criticized by critics for his faulty plays and poor on the field decisions as the quarterback for sport’s most profitable team. The Dallas Cowboys franchise is worth over $2.1 billion. That landed them number 1 on Forbes most valuable teams list. Cowboys are worth even more than the New York Yankees. With a mediocre record and only 1 playoff win in 6 years the Cowboys are financially unstoppable thanks to marketing. Owner Jerry Jones has often been denounced for his poor decision to keep Romo. But Romo has silenced the haters and critics getting paid big bucks. He signed a six-year, $108 million contract in March. The contract included a $25 million signing bonus. He is worth more than rival Eli Manning. Is he worth it?

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